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Providing a range of service location and assets preservation solutions


Service Location & Asset Preservation

Mainmark Asset Preservation provides a range of service location and assets preservation solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Our primary capability is in locating and inspecting underground services such as telecom, data, power, storm water, waste water, gas, mains water. We use the latest equipment and offer a range of expert services. We provide CCTV inspection of storm water and waste water. Our qualified service locaters are able to advise if the location of your project is achievable, which minimises the risk of damage to underground utilities.

We also supply remediation and asset preservation services such as, the sealing of pavement joints and supply and adjustments of props during the re-supporting of structures.

These services can be arranged though our Mainmark sales team prior to us commencing re-levelling or remediation works on your property or project.

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Asset Preservation Technical Services, Brochure (AU)

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